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about the frac

Created in 1984, the FRAC Champagne-Ardenne / Regional Funds for Contemporary Art is active in the support and creation of contemporary art. Like the other FRACs in each of the French regions, it is mandated to create and promote a collection of contemporary works of art, to conceive and produce exhibitions of contemporary artists, to publish, and to organize educational activities and events in order to sensitize the public at large about contemporary art.

The FRAC Champagne-Ardenne has occupied the right wing of the Ancien Collège des Jésuites in Reims since 1990. 


Catherine Bompuis (1984-1987)
Laurence Imbernon (1988-1993)
Nathalie Ergino (1994-2001)
François Quintin (2001-2007)
Florence Derieux (2008-2016)
Marie Griffay (2017- )

Exhibitions at the FRAC Champagne-Ardenne

Each year at the Ancien Collège des Jésuites in Reims, the FRAC Champagne-Ardenne presents solo or collective exhibitions, as well as exhibits of totally new works by contemporary artists who have come especially to work in its spaces. Since its creation, the FRAC has distinguished itself through the experimental nature of its program and through the close ties it has been able to create and nurture with the artists of international renown who have come to create in the region.

The Collections

The collections of the FRAC Champagne-Ardenne are composed of almost 800 works reflecting the extraordinary diversity of contemporary practices (painting, sculpture, photography, drawings, video, sound, installation art) and attests to the most innovative artistic developments dating from the 1960s to today. Among the artists represented, many are now considered to be great historic figures in art.

Circulation of the Collections

The FRAC Champagne-Ardenne regularly organizes ambitious exhibitions throughout the region featuring, most notably, works from its collections. By means of loaning out its works, it also contributes to numerous exhibitions in the region, as well as throughout France and abroad, thereby significantly advancing the cultural promotion of Champagne-Ardenne.
The events that the FRAC organizes in the region are most often conceived of in partnership with cultural and heritage organisations, schools and establishments of higher education, as well as libraries and hospitals. Such exhibitions provide an opportunity to conceive of innovative projects that take into account both artistic realities and the diverse array of different publics, thus facilitating a “participative” dissemination of the collections.

(Text: Florence Derieux)


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